Community Catch Up

If nothing else 2020 has taught us all the value of a strong community. Together we can do amazing things, whether that be keep a pandemic inducing virus at bay or making a positive difference to the lives of those less fortunate no matter what the circumstance.

As the last issue of CT Connect went to print the Club Taree Community Team was named as the winner of the Mid North Coast Community Group of the Year for le Tour de Taree by the NSW Centre for Volunteering. This is the second year in a row we have been named the winner of this award, the first being for the overall concept of the Community Team.

This award recognises the joint efforts of our Team to present the 2019 le Tour de Taree, which was our most successful to date. The nomination saw us compete against a number of national charities all of whom do wonderful work for our Community.

We officially wrapped up the 2020 le Tour de Taree to great success. The Team, this year displayed incredible commitment to ensuring the success of our favourite annual event despite the challenges that we all faced this year.

The winner of this year’s event was Lisa Ruprecht, who has shown continuous dedication since le Tour de Taree started back in 2015. Over the last few years Lisa has managed to take home (in now order), 4th, 3rd, 2nd and now in 2020 1st Place. She jokes now that she can retire from riding and concentrate on fundraising for the event. Lisa rode an incredible

This year’s fundraising total was $36,670.70. Taking the total funds raised over the last 6 years to $174,880.38. The total funds raised for Ronald McDonald House Charities Northern NSW over the last 6 years is $205,346 while the total funds raised by the Club Taree Community Team for our Community is $462,100.

The Volunteer of the Year award went to the Singe Family, while the Most Awesome Moment Awards were shared between Kye Singe for his efforts in the Business Ride Off, and Krystle Molloy Louis for her $2 Doll’r a Kilomet’r Fundraiser.

This year we introduced a new award – Espirt de Equipe – the Team Spirt Award. The inaugural award was won by Kristie-lea Singe. Each year Kristie-lea goes above and beyond to rally the Team, lead the fundraising efforts, engage with our Members and Community, be an active member of the Committee and instil a sense of Community not only for fellow Team Members, but also her family. A well-deserved win.

We received an incredible amount of support from our Community this year, as we do each year and we are incredibly conscious that we cannot achieve what we do without the help, support and assistance from our Members and our Community. Another great example that together we can achieve so much and make a positive difference for our Community. Thank You.

In August and September Club Taree was able to support a number of local organisations through our Clubgrants program. You can see an update on some of those recipients in the coming pages of the magazine.

Despite being disappointed in not being able to hold our annual toy raffle we are extremely proud to be able to donate the $7500 worth of toys we had pre purchased to local organisations to distribute to children and families in need of a little joy this Christmas. The toys will be shared between a number of Community Organisations including the Salvation Army, the Taree Women’s Refuge, the Community Kitchen and the Goodwill Pantry. We hope that this will help share the Spirit of Christmas with those most in need.

We look forward to 2021, and hope to engage with our Community much more in the coming year. We know that many of our partners, supported organisations and much loved community groups have been greatly affected by this year’s restrictions.

From the Club Taree Community Team we wish you a happy Christmas and a safe 2021.

Paul Allan

Interim CEO

Brand and Communication Manager

Club Taree Community Team Leader