Interested In Fishing?

If you are a keen angler or if you would like to get into the sport of angling you should look into joining the family friendly Club Taree Fishing Club sub branch.

The Fishing Club holds nine monthly outings each year where anglers can choose to fish in the blue-water or beach, rock & estuary sections with additional senior and junior sections making the Club a true family affair.

Outings commence at 6pm Friday and run through the weekend with anglers required to weigh in their catch between 2pm and 3pm on Sunday at Club Taree. Anglers can fish individually or in teams of two to compete for the various awards during the Clubs calendar.

The Club Taree Fishing Club is aware that many anglers may only be able to dedicate a morning or an afternoon to their fishing within the specified outings, however with prestigious annual trophies up for grabs including ‘Biggest Bream’, ‘Biggest Snapper’ ‘Five Biggest Bream’ and ‘Five Biggest Snapper’ anglers can still target popular species and be competitive within the clubs outings.

Other trophies are awarded each month for the ‘Biggest Fish’, ‘Best Individual Bag’, ‘Best Boat Team’ and ‘Best Beach, Rock & Estuary Team’. Monthly gift vouchers and more valuable quarterly and annual awards are kindly donated by local tackle and marine business houses.

The Club Taree Fishing Club offers the chance for members to compete purely on a social level or for those looking to test their skills against other experienced anglers there will be some keen yet friendly competition available.

Cost to join the Club Taree Fishing Club sub branch in minimal with a membership of Club Taree required along with a small nomination fee each outing to be paid. After each month’s weigh-in there is a sausage sizzle held while points are tallied for the weekend.

The Club Taree Fishing Club would be very pleased to welcome new members. Enquiries can be made by calling the Club Taree Reception Desk on 6539 4000 and asking for Mal Neale

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Committee Members

PresidentWayne Hammond
Vice PresidentAndre Dejong
Vice PresidentOwen Bedford
SecretaryIan Thompson
TreasurerMal Neale
Publicity OfficerIan Thompson

Want To Know More

For more information please contact Wayne Hammond on 6556 3952 or Mal Neale on 6552 6530 or at Club Taree on 6539 4000.


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