Great raffles and promotions

$15K Cash Bonanza

We all know how much you love the chance to win CASH. That’s why we are starting the year off with another Members only promotion which will see one lucky member collect $15,000.

We are changing the way we run promotions, thanks to our new Point of Sale (POS) System. Tickets will no longer be issued, your entries will now be stored in the ‘cloud’ ready for activation. This has two great benefits, one is (hopefully) no more false draws (as members will need to activate their entries on draw dates), and no more endless tickets to take care of.

Start collecting your entries from Wednesday 2nd January 2019 through until Wednesday 17th April 2019. Entry remains the same, for every $10 you spend at Club Taree on eligible products and services you will earn an entry in the $15,000 Cash Jackpot.

The entry process has changed and you will need to “activate” your tickets to be entered into the draw. This cannot be done until the day of the draw. We will be happy to walk you through it closer to the date.

For each draw there will only be one draw and one winner. The person drawn must meet the promotional criteria and present themselves within 4 minutes with their current financial membership card. Subsequent draws will take place if the member is not present, or fails to meet the criteria. The draw/s will take place sometime between 7pm and 8.30pm.

Members will earn one valid entry for every $10 spent of valid goods and services here at Club Taree.

Members can choose which draw/s they enter. Members can enter as many draws as they wish, with as many accumulated valid entries they choose.

Full terms and conditions available at or at Club Taree Reception.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask our Team.

Authorised under NSW LTPS/18/30464

You can download the Terms and Conditions below

$15,000 Cash Bonanza

Thursday is Earnsday

Start getting excited about Thursday, because Thursday is now Earnsday. For Summer (December – February) Club Taree is doubling the points issued on any purchase made at Club Taree on Thursdays, meaning you will get more rewards for your spend. Authorised under NSW LTPM/17/01924.

Kids Eat Free

Every Tuesday evening at Dineon19 Kids eat free*. Because we know how you deserve a break kids under the age of 10 eat free with a paying adult. Dineon19 opens from 5.30pm each Tuesday Night and reservations are advised and can be made by calling 02 6539 4000. *Valid for children aged 10 when dining off the children’s menu and under with a paying adult main meal per child. $10 specials are not classified as a main meal for use with this promotion.

Weekly Raffles

Tickets on sale 5:30pm. First draw 7pm.
Over $500 worth of meat trays and club cards, plus 5 entries into the Raffle Rewards promotion Members swipe your card at the kiosk upon entry to receive your $10 worth of FREE raffle tickets.

Tickets on sale 5:30pm. First draw 7pm.
Friday Monster Raffles has over $1000 worth of prizes to be won including fruit and vegetable trays, meat trays, chicken trays and club cards, plus 5 entries into the Raffle Rewards promotion. Each week our Friday night Community Raffle is held by a local community group to raise money for their organisation.

Tickets on sale 3:30pm. First draw 4pm.
The Sunday Savers Raffles offer over $800 worth of prizes to be won including fruit and vegetable trays, meat trays, brunch packs, club cards, plus 5 entries into the Raffle Rewards promotion.

At the end of each raffle, 5 additional numbers are drawn. The owners of these numbers are recorded and go into the draw to win a $1000 gift card. The draw takes place on the last Sunday of the month following the Sunday Savers Raffle, and the winner must be in the club at the time of the draw to win the prize if their name is drawn. If the winner is not present, consecutive draws will take place until a winner is present. Authorised under NSW Permit LTPM/17/01924