Club Taree Community Team

Club Taree Community Team

“Do you need a hand?” is the catch cry of the Club Taree Community Team.

Our Team has contributed over 6237 volunteer hours and raised $321,014 engaging the whole Community in making a positive difference.

The Club Taree Community Team provides an outlet of community engagement for Club Taree employees. The concept has grown to rally Club Taree employees as well as members, guests, friends, family and the wider community to make a positive difference. Our community is at the heart of everything we do. The Club Taree Community Team could be considered to be the Heart of the Community through its ability to create a positive and authentic sense of community that is so openly celebrated and supported by all those involved.

The Mission Statement of the Club Taree Community Team is “to use our collective awesomeness to make a positive difference to our community by raising funds, creating awareness, offering support and providing welfare”. To the last two years the Club Taree Community Team has been involved in fifty one (51) different events, projects and initiatives.

The Club Taree Community Team developed a series of values to complement our Mission Statement and to help manage our involvement in the Community;

  • Community – this is the essence of the Team. The aim is to create an individual and collective “sense of community” for Club Taree employees. The concept also aims to instill a great commitment to our community from our members, guests and wider community. Our community is central to everything that we do.
  • Welfare – The Team is committed to providing welfare to each other, our members, guests and the wider community Welfare promotes the health, happiness and good fortune of our community. Our commitment to welfare ensures that we undertake a social effort to promote the basic physical and material well being of our entire community.
  • Teamwork – Together we can make a difference. This can be used as a ‘check in’ for the Club Taree Community Team. Are we making a difference? Teamwork involves building a culture, it is important that the Club Taree Community Team is an outlet that builds the culture of our immediate team, but also the culture of our members, guests and community, everyone needs to value the concept of what we do because of the difference it makes to people, and its ability to promote cooperation, achievement and humanity.
  • Positivity – The culture of the Team promotes positivity, in that of the difference we can make by working together with our Team, our members and the wider community. Embracing a positive, ‘can-do’ attitude helps the Team achieve and have a greater sense of worth.
  • Engagement – Not everything the Team does is about raising funds or working hard. Engagement is often the key to success. The club Taree Community Team aims to be confident in our knowledge to effectively engage. Our Team doesn’t do anything without knowing the whole story. The telling of stories helps promote the good work we do and further assists the organisations we aim to support through engagement with the community.
  • Support – the Team is a support network. We are committed to supporting the community, whether it be an individual, a group or an organisation. We recognise the difference we can make collectively. The support we offer may be financial (through fundraising), physical or secondary. The natural commitment the Club Taree Community Team can make is to raise funds, however this may not always be the most appropriate or necessary offer of support.

Each member of our workplace has made a personal commitment to making a difference within our community. It has also extended well beyond our Team, our members, guests and wider community have all placed immense value on the contribution our Team makes. We have managed to take them on our journey of building an authentic sense of community, which is not something we had considered when we started, it is something we will continue to nurture in the hope of harbouring a community which cares more, supports more, offers more and loves more.

If you are a community organsation, project, charity, group or fundraiser that needs a helping hand give our Brand and Communication Manager, Paul Allan, a call on 02 6539 4000 or email him at