Club Taree Community Team Community Grants

The Club Taree Community Team Grants are back in 2021!

The Grants will once again take the same format as in 2019, with another total of $5,000 to be given away across a number of local recipients. Each grant will not exceed $1,000 in value and is for an immediate spend to make an immediate difference in our Community. Just like the previous years, we want these grants to facilitate a practical solution to a problem or a void.

We want to help build a courageous, creative, capable, inspiring and strong community. We encourage as many groups, teams and organisations to apply as possible.

So in 2021, who is eligible? 

Any community organisation, event, team, not for profit, school, sporting group, charity, project or initiative can apply. We could list a range of suggestions, but at the end of the day you know what you need to make a positive impact on our community, or a sector of our community.

Grant criteria: 

  • Applications are available online via , at Club Taree Reception or by contacting Paul Allan at Club Taree via email
  • The beneficiaries of the grant should be within our local or regional community.
  • The individual grant value is for between $0 and $1000.
  • The total amount of grants delivered will be dependent on applications and their nominal value. The total value of the 2021 Club Taree Community Team Community Grants will not exceed $5000. For example, there may be 5 $1000 grants, or 4 $500 grants, 2 $1000 grants and 4 $250 grants.
  • The grant process requires applications to be accurately costed and/ or estimated.
  • The grants are not available for individuals.
  • Grants open on Monday 1st March 2021 and will close on Friday 30th April 2021. Grants may however be granted prior to the closing date. We encourage those considering putting in applications not to leave it until the last days to do so.
  • Selection for grant funding is based on a pre-determined filter process.
  • All applications will be considered.
  • Successful grants will not necessarily be those which benefit the most people, but rather those that align best to the feel good nature of the grants.
  • Successful applicants will agree to media commitments.
  • We encourage all interested parties to apply.
  • The nature of the grants is to offer a practical solution to a problem, and will be actioned in May 2020.
  • Individual grants will be of different values based on the different grant requests.
  • There is no consultation on the grants once they have been allocated.
  • Grants will be unrolled throughout the month of May in line with the birthday month of the Club Taree Community Team.
  • There is no community consultation or voting involved in the selection process.

Click here to download the application: 2021 Club Taree Community Team Community Grants





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Club Taree Community Team Community Grants 2019

In May the Club Taree Community Team celebrated the start of its 5th Anniversary Year with the distribution of the Club Taree Community Team Community Grants.

The grants were the Club Taree Community Team’s way of saying thank you for the support we have had to date.

We were super surprised with the number of applications we received, there are so many awesome projects, organisations and committees in our community trying to raise funds to offer goods and services for the betterment of our community. We loved meeting with all the groups we were able to help, they have inspiring, hardworking, enthusiastic
and passionate committees – we love what you do.

Take a look at the organisations that we were able to help with the 2019 Club Taree Community Team Community Grants.

Manning River Rowing Club

In May Paul met with members of the Manning Valley Rowing Club to hand over a Club Taree Community Team Community Grant for a new BBQ. The BBQ will be used to cater for
club members, volunteers and as a fundraising opportunity in the coming months as they work hard to rebuild after damage was sustained during a freak storm in March this year.
Manning River Rowing Club is a welcoming and fun loving social sports club dedicated to providing the best rowing opportunities to everyone in the Manning Valley since 1957.

The Boat Shed, situated at the end of Endeavour Place Taree, overlooking the mighty Manning River, stands as a monument to the hard work of dedicated club members.

Members of Manning River Rowing Club enjoy the fantastic physical and social benefits of this low impact, team and individual sport. MRRC has Recreational and Competitive Programs to cater for junior, senior and masters age groups at all levels of ability.

The Club sustained severe storm damage in March this year, and are currently seeking community support and donations to help rebuild and improve the clubhouse for the benefit of our community. If you can support, or want to find out more information about the Manning River Rowing Club follow them on Facebook.

Manning Valley BMX Club

The Club Taree Community Team was super excited to be able to give the Manning Valley BMX Club the gift of hot water, its hard to imagine that they have gone 20 plus years without access to hot water in their canteen. Our total grant to Manning Valley BMX was $875, and has opened up a world of possibilities for the hard working canteen volunteers. Paul and Morgan attended one of their recent race nights to hand over the grant, and were super impressed with the friendly community nature of this organisation.

Manning Valley BMX is a volunteer run club which is all about BMX Racing. BMX Racing is one of the few sports where total family participation can take place. Manning Valley BMX has riders aged from 2 years through to 60 plus years, and holds weekly training and club racing nights for as little as $3 a session. Any bikes can be used, however full safety gear must be worn at all times when on the track.

Manning Valley BMX riders compete at club, state and national levels, and have a number of successful state riders, which is impressive for a small regional club. Manning Valley BMX relies on the hard work and commitment of volunteers, which are most often parents of riders, to help out with admin, canteen, track maintenance, and much more. The Manning Valley BMX track is considered to be one of the most technical tracks in NSW and has been developed over the course of many years to keep up with the growth of the sport in general.

There is no limit to participation in BMX Racing, which makes it an excellent, all-inclusive sport for anyone to try. For more information on Manning Valley BMX Club follow them on Facebook or email them on


Taree Community Garden

In May members of the Club Taree Community Team met with some of the committee of the Taree Community Garden to hand over an awesome selection of tools and a blower which had been requested through the grants process. We love the concept of the Community Garden, and the awesome sense of community that it inspires. The total value of the grant was $824.

Taree Community Garden was established in 2016 as a project designed to support people in the community to achieve improved health through physical activity, access
to healthy food and community connection. The garden was established by Flourish Australia and Hunter Partners in Recovery in co-operation with the Australian Government Work for the Dole Program. The garden is now under the auspice of community service organisation, About Inclusion who provide ongoing support and management.
The garden was originally situated on land leased to About Inclusion at no charge by Ray Stack but was recently relocated to the PCYC (adjacent to the main building). The
garden was relocated to make way for the construction of the new Police Station.

The garden is maintained by a committed group of volunteers, who are supported by local individuals and businesses through community grants and donations. Taree Community Garden aims to be a thriving hub of activity, connecting people for health and enjoyment and educating the community on sustainable living practices. If you are interested in learning more about the community garden or volunteering you can find them on Facebook.

Riding for the Disabled

The Club Taree Community Team met with representatives from Riding for the Disabled NSW (RDA NSW) Manning Great Lakes Centre to hand over 10 new riding helmets. These
will replace helmets which are approaching their use by dates and allow maximum participation in their weekly riding. Replacing these helmets will also enable funds raised
by RDA to be focused onto their programs rather than equipment. Total value $854.95.

RDA NSW is a voluntary organisation providing equine assisted activities for people with disabilities to develop and enhance abilities. This involves programs such as riding, dressage and carriage driving. Each program is aimed at a different ability level, and are available to all age groups.

RDA NSW is 100 percent run by volunteers and all the funds raised go straight to the riders, horses, facilities and programs. The program helps transform shy, cautious people into confident, engaged and enthusiastic riders. The horse provides vital mental and physical stimulation for the disabled participants and immeasurable amounts of pleasure.
If you would like more information on the Manning Great Lakes RDA Centre you can find them on Facebook.


Taree Quota Club

Taree Quota Club was delighted to meet with the Club Taree Community Team at Club Day Care Taree for the presentation of a Community Grant. Through the grants Taree Quota Club had requested a donation of 5 therapy dolls for distribution to each of the 5 local Nursing Homes.

The Club Taree Community Team valued the idea suggested by Quota and purchased the Therapy Dolls. Child representational Therapy or Doll Therapy can bring great joy and comfort to the right person. They have been known to reduce responsive behaviours and improve sleep. For those people who have a nurturing nature and who need to have something to ‘fuss over’ a therapy doll can make the perfect companion. Therapy dolls have also been known to increase smiling and decrease challenging behaviours among carers. Therapy dolls can also bring joy, and enhance feelings of purpose to address challenging emotions and behaviours that may develop in dementia.
Additionally doll therapy is a non-pharmaceutical way of challenging emotions and behaviours that may develop in dementia. There are no medication side effects or drug
interactions with doll therapy.

For 72 years Taree Quota Club has been supporting woman and children at home and abroad. Quota members share the values of serving and encouraging others, developing
friendship and promoting international understanding. To find out more about Taree Quota Club contact Club Taree and we can put in you contact.


Snugglepot Day Care Centre

Mal and Paul headed over to Snugglepot Day Care Centre on behalf of the Club Taree Community Team armed with $818 worth of sensory equipment and activity based learning tools to hand over to their awesome team of educators. They had a blast talking with children from each room, and getting a super cool tour of their outdoor play space by
the kids, even playing a few games and answering a bucket load of questions. The learning tools were put into place immediately, much to the delight of those there on the day.
Snugglepot Day Care Centre are an early childhood and out of school hours service. They are nationally accredited and have been serving families of the Manning Valley for
over 27 years, they offer experienced, qualified, devoted and caring staff.

The equipment that the Club Taree Community Team has donated will be utilised across their four learning spaces. The equipment will be critical in supporting sensory seeking children, while also being available for all children to enjoy, learn and promote activity and wellbeing.

Congratulations to Snugglepot – if you would like to know more about them you can find them on facebook.