The heart of everything we do is the Manning Valley Community. From asset management, member engagement, innovation, outlet building, sponsorship and our desire to continuously provide the best quality products and services we constantly ensure that the Community is of the central benefit, directly or through association.

Club Taree is a Community asset managed on behalf of our members for the community.

The Club Taree Community Team

“Do you need a hand?” is the catch cry of the Club Taree Community Team. In two years a small team of sixty people has contributed over 4500 volunteer hours and raised $170, 000 engaging the whole Community in making a positive difference.

The Club Taree Community Team provides an outlet of community engagement for Club Taree employees. The concept has grown to rally Club Taree employees as well as members, guests, friends, family and the wider community to make a positive difference. Our community is at the heart of everything we do. The Club Taree Community Team could be considered to be the Heart of the Community through its ability to create a positive and authentic sense of community that is so openly celebrated and supported by all those involved.

The Mission Statement of the Club Taree Community Team is “to use our collective awesomeness to make a positive difference to our community by raising funds, creating awareness, offering support and providing welfare”. To the last two years the Club Taree Community Team has been involved in fifty one (51) different events, projects and initiatives.

The Club Taree Community Team developed a series of values to complement our Mission Statement and to help manage our involvement in the Community;

Community – this is the essence of the Team. The aim is to create an individual and collective “sense of community” for Club Taree employees. The concept also aims to instill a great commitment to our community from our members, guests and wider community. Our community is central to everything that we do.

Welfare – The Team is committed to providing welfare to each other, our members, guests and the wider community Welfare promotes the health, happiness and good fortune of our community. Our commitment to welfare ensures that we undertake a social effort to promote the basic physical and material well being of our entire community.

Teamwork – Together we can make a difference. This can be used as a ‘check in’ for the Club Taree Community Team. Are we making a difference? Teamwork involves building a culture, it is important that the Club Taree Community Team is an outlet that builds the culture of our immediate team, but also the culture of our members, guests and community, everyone needs to value the concept of what we do because of the difference it makes to people, and its ability to promote cooperation, achievement and humanity.

Positivity – The culture of the Team promotes positivity, in that of the difference we can make by working together with our Team, our members and the wider community. Embracing a positive, ‘can-do’ attitude helps the Team achieve and have a greater sense of worth.

Engagement – Not everything the Team does is about raising funds or working hard. Engagement is often the key to success. The club Taree Community Team aims to be confident in our knowledge to effectively engage. Our Team doesn’t do anything without knowing the whole story. The telling of stories helps promote the good work we do and further assists the organisations we aim to support through engagement with the community.

Support – the Team is a support network. We are committed to supporting the community, whether it be an individual, a group or an organisation. We recognise the difference we can make collectively. The support we offer may be financial (through fundraising), physical or secondary. The natural commitment the Club Taree Community Team can make is to raise funds, however this may not always be the most appropriate or necessary offer of support.

Each member of our workplace has made a personal commitment to making a difference within our community.  It has also extended well beyond our Team, our members, guests and wider community have all placed immense value on the contribution our Team makes. We have managed to take them on our journey of building an authentic sense of community, which is not something we had considered when we started, it is something we will continue to nurture in the hope of harbouring a community which cares more, supports more, offers more and loves more.


If you are a community organsation, project, charity, group or fundraiser that needs a helping hand give our Brand and Communication Manager, Paul Allan, a call on 02 6539 4000 or email him at

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Working Together To Support Aussie Farming Families

Club Taree and Club Rivers have cemented a partnership to support Aussie farming families by providing livestock feed, cupboard stock and practical items.

The campaign will see Club Taree donate up to 120 bales of hay sourced from ‘unused’ golf land at Club Taree to help feed and support livestock, while Club Rivers will drive the donation of goods to help Aussie farming families keep their cupboards stocked. The campaign seeks to combine the need to of livestock, and families.

The partnership is the classic ‘country and city unite’ story, established over a phone call between Club Taree CEO Morgan Stewart and Club Rivers CEO Stuart Jamieson.

The alignment of both Clubs is ‘uncanny’. Both Clubs have a strong and authentic commitment to helping others, and both Clubs have an outlet for their staff to genuinely engage with their local and regional communities. Club Taree features the Club Taree Community Team, which operates under the mission statement, “to use our collective awesomeness to make a positive difference in our community through raising funds, promoting awareness, offering support and providing welfare”, while Club Rivers features the CommuniTEAM, where giving back to community is what they strive to do each and every day.

Uniquely both Clubs have also been named finalists in the 2018 ClubsNSW Clubs and Community Awards, in the same category of “Heart of the Community”. Where many would challenge the competition, both Clubs have combined on the premise that in unity is strength, and that working together will potentially achieve more.

Both Clubs are collecting financial support and practical donations from members and the wider community. A list of preferred and much needed pantry items can be found on the website of each club, through their social media accounts, or at Club Reception. Monetary donations along with the donation of pantry items is the most practical support that locals can offer in support of this campaign.

Of the campaign Morgan Stewart said “Club Taree has followed the stories of our Aussie farming families out west who are suffering unimaginable hardship due to the drought. We wanted to contribute in a practical sense, which would allow for genuine support to reach those in need. Everyday conversation with our members and community focus on what can be done to support our farming friends out west. We are extremely proud to partner with Stuart and the Team from Club Rivers. They like us have a strong commitment to community, based on a sense of responsibility, willingness and natural culture of wanting to make a positive difference”.

Morgan continued, “We appreciate the essence behind the country joining forces with our city counterparts, we are all a part of the Australian community, no matter where we rest our head each night, and right now other community members, our farmers and their families, need our help and our support”.

Stuart Jamieson added “We, like Club Taree knew that we had to do something to support our Aussie farming families, their story is incredibly important part of the Australian Story. It is natural for Clubs to pitch in and help in times of need, it’s just a part of who we are. We, like Club Taree are incredibly fortunate to have engaged, supportive and passionate members and communities, who hold the close the ideals of helping each other in times of need. We hope that our combined offerings help ease the constant burden on the shoulders of our Aussie farming families”.

The Clubs have aligned with Rural Aid and their Buy a Bale Campaign, who will coordinate transport and distribution on behalf of both Clubs to where the support is needed most. Rural Aid was founded in 2015 to provide a holistic support program to rural Australia. Rural Aid coordinates a number of initiatives from Buy a Bale, to Hampers to Help, Under the Stars and the Man Hug Movement. More information on Rural Aid can be found on their website

Since announcing the partnership both Clubs have been humbled by the support from their members, suppliers and local communities who have all asked “How can we help?”

The campaign has been supported by local State Member Stephen Bromhead who noted “The Manning Valley has a long and proud farming history and in difficult times like these, a community with a generous heart is so important, I want to applaud both Club Taree and Club Rivers for this initiative”.

The campaign will culminate on Monday 27th August 2018, when Club Taree will host the convoy departure with a Community BBQ and Fundraising. The event will be open to all members of the community.

Both Clubs have committed to ongoing support the campaign through various initiatives which will continue to fund support for Aussie farming families.



2018 le Tour de Taree


The Club Taree Community Team has once again taken up the challenge, and are jumping on their bikes (literally) to raise funds for Ronald McDonald House Charities Northern NSW (RMHCNNSW)in the 4th Annual le Tour de Taree. In 2018 our team will travel a collective 3329km on spin bikes in the Club Taree Members Lounge, along with a few special locations throughout the event.

Over the last three years our Team has managed to ride in total an impressive 10,582km and raise a total of $60,966.55 to support the programs and facilities operated by RMHCNNSW.

The le Tour de Taree is the signature event of the Club Taree Community Team and is our favourite initiative of the year. The le Tour de Taree is an event our whole team can become involved in, whether it be through riding, raising funds, engagement or support.

Of course we cannot do this without your help, over the years our members and community have been so very generous in supporting us through donations and support, and we are asking for the same in 2018. This year we are on a mission to make 2018 the biggest event yet. We have introduced a number of new events and fundraising opportunities. Across the following pages you will learn more about these events, and we would encourage you to support these events when and where you can. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask any member of our team.

If you would like to donate online – follow the link to our MY CAUSE page here.

You can also donate at the Club, we have a chocolate fundraiser, an awesome raffle, and much much more.

Follow our progress on Facebook and Instagram.


2017 Club Taree Tertiary Scholarship

The Club Taree Tertiary Scholarship Program is our way of offering support to an individual student at each of the local secondary schools who have been identified by their respective school as meeting (and exceeding) the suitability criteria.

The program sees each successful student receive $2000 to assist and aid them with their transition into tertiary studies. The Scholarship is paid in two instalments of $1000, one prior to them commencing their tertiary studies, and one prior to the commencement of their second year of study. While the successful

Manning Valley Anglican College

Shauna Kelliher

Shauna Kelliher has been enrolled at Manning Valley Anglican College from 2007 to 2017.

Shauna has carefully managed the demands of her academic program against the wide range of other extra-curricular interests which include sporting and cultural activities.  In addition to this, Shauna has very capably fulfilled the role of School Captain, successfully representing the school in a number of activities such as Anzac Day services, leadership luncheon, various sporting activities and inter-school visits.

Shauna has proven herself to be a capable and determined young woman who works hard to attain high levels of achievement in many areas.  She came first in her Year group for the subjects of Mathematics 2 Unit and Ancient History.  At the Year 12 Valedictory, Shauna was the recipient of the Principal’s Award, an award given to the student whose enthusiasm, school spirit and involvement has made a difference to the College.

Shauna is open, honest and well respected by her peers. She has been a positive ambassador of the school.

Shauna has applied to Charles Sturt University to study a Bachelor of Medical Radiation Science with Specialisation.


Taree Christian College

Alexandra James

Since attending Taree Christian College Alexandra James has been a diligent and dedicated student to learning and the culture of the school. Not only does she apply herself fully to academic pursuits and tasks, she encourages others to always try their best to improve in all areas of life.

Alexandra has been employed in our community in part-time work, where she has been recognised for outstanding work. She has demonstrated an outstanding ability to balance her work and personal commitments with her role as a student.

At Taree Christian College, Alexandra has always upheld the values of the College, respecting staff, visitors and fellow students. Although she did not apply for a formal leadership role, she has taken on extra responsibilities such as maintaining the Year 12 common room and participation in the College Chapel Band. As part of this role she mentored younger students and was always willing to take on extra duties to assist the staff involved.

Alexandra’s strongest asset is her outstanding personal character where she displays humility, integrity and a high level of maturity.

Alexandra is a fine young lady with high values and standards.


Chatham High School

Makensie Doran

Makensie Doran has been a student at Chatham High School from February 2012 to November 2017. This year she completed her secondary education, satisfying all of the necessary requirements in her selected pattern of study.

During Makensie’s six years at this school, she has displayed an excellent record of attendance and punctuality. Makensie has demonstrated admirable personal qualities and has been a respected and valued member of the school community. She has shown herself to be determined and a competent time manager always submitting her work by set deadlines and her work has always been completed with diligence.

In academic subjects, Makensie is a very conscientious and capable student. She completed her Year 12 studies finishing in the top five students for all subjects and performed particularly well in English Advanced, Extension 1 and Extension 2.

She has gained numerous awards across subject areas including Academic Excellence, Semper Intrepedi, Year Advisor, Outstanding Achievement and Meritorious Endeavour Awards recognising her effort and performance.

Throughout her time at Chatham High School, Makensie has always dressed in school uniform and has met and moved beyond school expectations receiving Sports House Captain, School Service and Student of the Term Awards for her commitment to school core values.

Makensie has been an enthusiastic participant in many extracurricular activities. She has been an active member of the Student Representative Council since Year 7 being a voice for her peers in this forum. She has most recently been a valued member of the senior leadership team as an active participant and leader in many fundraising and charity events.

Makensie has consistently maintained a focused study schedule as she has a commitment to achieving her goal to study a Bachelor of Psychological Science at the University of Newcastle.

A pleasant young lady who gets on well with other members of her cohort, Makensie has shown concern about welfare in the school community and has developed exemplary working relationships with her teachers. She has always adhered to and supported the primary values of Chatham High School. She is a young adult with outstanding personal standards, ethics and integrity and has an exemplary level of citizenship.


Taree High School

Poppy Tidswell

Poppy was selected for this prestigious award as we feel here at Taree High that she is the most suitable candidate due to her wonderful character traits and her positive attitude towards her studies and to all others. She most definitely has upheld the school values of cooperation, participation and respect and is an excellent role model for all students. Poppy has displayed a high level of citizenship through her participation in the school musical and a number of drama performances for Taree High School including at the MADD concert for a number of years. She willingly provides assistance in school fundraisers for her year group and has displayed a consistent leadership and representation of Taree High in the wider community.

Poppy has always strived to produce her best work for all her assessment tasks via the adherence to a study regime that has proved effective for her to gain many positive results through her diligent application to her studies. Any goal she has set herself she has been able to achieve or work further towards attaining through her dedication to her learning.

Poppy will find immense benefit from being awarded this scholarship for her future studies at either the University of Sydney or the University of NSW in her chosen specialty of Bachelor of Arts. She will make the most efficient use of the prize and it will assist her significantly in being able to successfully complete her course.

St Clares High School

Shayla Mancell

Shayla has been a student at St Clare’s High School for the past three years. During this time Shayla has shown herself to be a well organised, conscientious and extremely capable student with an exceptional work ethic. Shayla has shown the ability to work both collaboratively and independently, yet is always appreciative of help given. She has drawn universal commendation from all teachers for the positice manner in which she attempts activities and completes tasks

Her impressive academic performances have also included the successful on-line completion of the Certificate III in Retail Operations through a distance education provider, the Australia Retail College. This was achieved through her outstanding capacity for independent work and her thorough dedication to achieving her goals.

As a result of her grades during her final two years of studying, and with very strong school support, Shayla has already been made two offers of early entry to the University of Wollongong.

Shayla is an honest and cheerful young lady who has contributed positively in all areas of life at St Clare’s High School. She has demonstrated very good leadership qualities, and is thoroughly reliable. Shayla is a constructive Student Representative Councillor and member of the Senior Leadership Team. She has been a school representative in the St Vincent de Paul Immersion trip to Sydney to work with the homeless and disadvantaged.

Shayla has earned the respect of staff and has shown the ability to remain calm under stress. Her confident and responsible attitude, coupled with her polite and well-mannered nature, has meant that the school has been a better place for her being there.

Tastefest on the Manning 2018

Club Taree is once again proud to be a major sponsor of TasteFest on the Manning. We are proud to contribute $5000 to enable this fabulous community event to take place. Club Taree will once again in 2018 be presenting sponsor of the Food category of the event.


Come on down on the 13th January as say G’Day.


TasteFest on the Manning the popular food, wine and beer event held in January is on again in 2018.

The event will be held on Saturday the 13th January in Queen Elizabeth Park starting at 10am.


The inaugural event in January was a huge success with over 7500 thousand people attending during the day. All vendors who attended the event were delighted with the response and all of the popular vendors have applied for 2018 including Club Taree.


We have some new entertainment lined up for the day, particularly the evening session. The event this year runs until 9.00pm to allow for the family to enjoy the music and food. There is an expanded children’s entertainment program, with face painters, petting zoo, magician and lots more.


Don’t forget to plan for a pleasant evening visit by the Manning River. Have a refreshing pre-dinner drink and then enjoy a choice of local and international meals.


The event organises the Lions club of Taree also remind visitors the event is also a major fundraiser for the club. Funds raised for charity were distributed to a few charities. The main beneficiary was the Women’s refuge in Taree. Some much needed refurbishments have been carried out as a result.


See you all there.

Club Taree turns PINK 2017

During October Club Taree once again turned PINK to raise funds for the Cancer Councils Pink Ribbon initiative. Firstly thank you to all our members and guests who attended a function, bought merchandise, made donations, or thanked us for making a difference, we really can’t do these things without your help, encouragement and

The Cancer Council has been a partner of ours for a number of years. We value the work that they do in supporting so many of our members, guests, community members, friends and family members.

Their vision is to minimise the threat of cancer through successful prevention, best treatment, support and worldclass cancer research. The Cancer Council is the leading independent funders of cancer research in Australia, with their research partners granting more than $70 million last year in research grants. The Cancer Council coordinates a network of of cancer support groups, services and programs to help improve the quality of life of cancer patients, people living with cancer, their family and carers.

The Cancer Council also provides evidence based, up to date information about all aspects of cancer to doctors and health professionals along with cancer patients and the general community.  The Cancer Council also focuses on prevention through early detection and prevention programs which help people adopt a healthier lifestyle choices to reduce their risk of cancer.

The money we raised from this year’s Club Taree turns PINK will enable the Cancer Council to continue their work. The total amount raised in 2017 was $15,392.80, bringing our total PINK funds throughout the last four years to $48,824.80 and the total raised for the Cancer Council over the last four years (including the Relay for Life and the Biggest Morning Tea to $65,195.80 The stand our event for the month was the Club Taree Women’s Golf PINK charity Golf Day which raised $9,193.80 towards the total. With a field of just on 120, the day was thoroughly enjoyed by all, congratulations to the committee and participants for such a wonderful day and such an amazing fundraising result.

2016/2017 Club Grants Year

The ClubGrants Year runs from the 1st September through until the 31st August each year. Club Taree annually makes significant contributions to our local community by supporting organisations, associations, projects, initiatives along with in kind donations which enable these groups to continue benefit our community through their great work.

This year Club Taree made donations to the value of $150,182.80. This figure is $48,655.27 above our required commitment. The Club Taree Community Team raised a further $63,923. Taking Club Taree’s total Community contribution to $214,104.80.

Those that we supported in the 2016/2017 Clubgrants year included;

  • Hunter Region SLSA Helicopter Rescue
  • Returned Services League of Australia
  • Taree RSL Sub Branch
  • Ronald McDonald House Northern NSW
  • Ronald McDonald Family Retreat Forster
  • St Vincent De Paul Society
  • Camp Quality
  • Taree Parkrun
  • RSL & Services Clubs
  • Salvation Army
  • Koori Kids
  • Samaritans
  • Taree Women’s Refuge
  • NSW Police Legacy
  • Taree and District Netball Association
  • Club Taree Red Rovers
  • Manning Valley Cycle Club
  • Lions Club of Taree
  • Tastefest 2017
  • Club Taree Touch
  • Club Taree Community Concert Band
  • Myall Lakes Seniors Concert
  • Mid Coast Council – Fireworks on the Foreshore
  • Club Taree Tertiary Scholarship Recipients
  • Old Holden’s Club
  • Manning Cricket Association
  • Quota
  • Relay for Life
  • Cancer Council
  • Stepping On Program
  • Taree Historic Motor Club
  • Trail Riders Club
  • U3A
  • Wingham Pony Club
  • Manning Valley Prostate Support Group
  • Can Assist Manning Valley
  • Australian Children’s Music Foundation
  • Club Taree Golf
  • Club Taree Social Golf
  • Club Taree Women’s Golf
  • Club Taree Snooker and Billiards

2017 Myall Lakes Community Group of the Year

The Club Taree Community Team has been awarded the honour of being recognised as the 2017 Myall Lakes Community Group of The Year.

The awards recognise the exceptional contributions individuals and groups make to our community each year.

The award was presented by NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian

The Myall Lakes Community Awards are organised by Stephen Bromhead as a celebration of our community.

Congratulations again to #teamawesome

Heart of the Community

The Clubs NSW Heart of the Community Award recognises individuals or groups who are the “unsung heroes” in a club or the broader community.

In October the Club Taree Community Team was named as the Highly Commended recipient in the Heart of The Community Category of the 2017 Clubs NSW Clubs and Community Awards.

A huge congratulations is forwarded to our entire team for their individual and combined contributions. This award could be considered the pinnacle of the awards offered on the evening as it recognises our people, and their contribution.

The awards recognise the outstanding social contributions made by clubs in their local communities. Over the years these awards have recognised thousands of stories from member clubs which highlight the amazing relationships clubs have with individuals and groups within their local communities. The awards are seen as an opportunity to share these stories, as well as celebrate them.

The Heart of the Community Awards recognised the invaluable contribution hat the Club Taree Community Team has made to the Manning Valley Community over the last two years. During this time the Community Team have volunteered some 45000 hours and raised in excess of $170,000.

The concept of the Club Taree Community Team was to provide an outlet of community engagement for our employees. In growth the concept has managed to rally our employees, our members, our guests, friends, families and the wider community to make a positive difference. The Club Taree Community Team could be considered to be the Heart of the Community through its ability to create a positive and authentic sense of community that is so openly celebrated and supported by all those involved.

Each member of our workplace has made a personal commitment to making a difference within our community. It has however extended well beyond our Team, our members, guests and wider community have all placed immense value on the contribution our Team has made. We have managed to take them (our community) on our journey of building an authentic sense of community, which is not something we had considered when we started, it is however something we will continue to nurture in the hope of harbouring a community which places value on caring and supporting each other.

Along the way we have shared many a story with people in our community that need our help, we have also shared many a celebration for the differences that we have been able to make to individuals, groups, organisations and indeed the whole community.

The Club Taree Community Team prides itself on a ‘how can we help’ attitude, a ‘let’s do this’ commitment and a ‘what’s next’ outcome.

In 2017 Club Taree was also recognised as a finalist in the Health and Well Being Category for the support Club Taree and the Club Taree Community Team show to Ronald McDonald House Northern NSW during the annual le Tour de Taree.

Congratulations #teamawesome

Club Taree turns PINK

Club Taree presents , for the fourth year in a row, “Club Taree turns PINK”, a month long fundraising initiative to raise funds for the Cancer Councils Pink Ribbon Campaign. Over the last three years we have raised $33,432 to support the work of the Cancer Council by turning PINK.

Throughout the month Club Taree will have a number of fundraising initiatives throughout the Club, including special events, the selling of merchandise, raffles, a pink installation and much much more.

Together we can make a difference. Donations can be made throughout the Club or participating in any of our official Club Taree turns PINK events during October.

Events include;

Club Taree Women’s Golf Pink Ribbon Golf Day – Wednesday 4th October

Club Taree turns PINK High Tea – Saturday 7th October

The Secret Garden turns Pink – Friday 20th October


Some statistics provided by the Cancer Council include;

The Cancer Council is the only charity in Australia that funds research into breast and gynaecological cancers while providing complete support for anyone affected by women’s cancers

Breast cancer is the most common cancer in women, with one out of every 11 women in NSW affected at some stage in their life

Money raised from Cancer Councils Pink Ribbon will help fund world class research into women’s cancers, cancer prevention and advocacy programs and support services to help those affected by women’s cancers at every stage of their journey

Cancer Council NSW has contributed $9.8 million over the last five years to breast and gynaecological cancer research across 22 projects. This research has covered many aspects, from investigating genetic cancer risk, to new drug treatments and therapies for women’s cancers.

2017 Clubs and Community Awards

Club Taree has been announced as a finalist in two categories for this year’s prestigious Clubs and Community Awards.


The awards recognise the immense contribution clubs make to their local community across a range of categories including, Arts & Culture, Clubs in Collaboration, Disability, Welfare and Inclusion, Education, Emergency Services, Health & Wellbeing, Heart of the Community, Support of Amateur Sport and Youth Leadership.


Club Taree has been listed as a finalist in both the Health and Wellbeing category for the “le Tour de Taree”, which raises funds and creates engagement for Ronald McDonald House Northern NSW (RMHNNSW), and the Heart of the Community category for the Club Taree Community Team.


The le Tour de Taree is the signature community initiative of the Club Taree Community Team, held in July of each year to mirror the le Tour de France. The event sees Club Taree Community Team members volunteer their time to ride spin bikes in the Members Lounge of Club Taree to raise funds for RMHNNSW. The team has just completed the 2017 event riding 3540km to raise in excess of $22,000. Since inception in 2015 the event has seen the Club Taree Community Team ride in excess of 10,500km and raise in excess of $62,000.


In May 2017 the Club Taree Community Team celebrated its 2nd birthday with an announcement that the team had at that stage volunteered a total of 3549 hours and together had raised $126,180.40. Since that announcement the Community Team has gone on to volunteer an additional 173 hours and raise an additional $22,265.40 as part of the 2017 le Tour de Taree. Community is the essence of the Club Taree Community Team. The Team is an outlet for Club Taree employees to engage with the wider community through volunteering, raising funds, creating awareness and providing welfare. The aim is to also create an individual and collective ‘sense of community’ for Club Taree employees. It is also hoped that the concept will instil a greater commitment to the community from Club Taree members.


The Club Taree Community Team works under the Mission Statement of “To use our collective awesomeness to make a positive difference to our community through raising funds, creating awareness, offering support and providing welfare to our community”. The values of the Club Taree Community Team include, Community, Welfare, Teamwork, Positivity, Engagement and Support.


The Club Taree Community Team could be considered to be the Heart of the Community through its ability to create a positive and authentic sense of community that is so openly celebrated and supported by all those involved. The range of activities undertaken by the Club Taree Community Team is wide, over the last two years the team has marshalled at community events, manned registration tables, removes fences, gardened, helped at community events, provided people power, sold raffle tickets, offered organisational support, hosted morning teas, operated gates at community events, bumped in and bumped out community events. The Team has visited nursing homes and delivered cakes to other community volunteers to say thanks. They have delivered bottled water to our essential services, provided transport, cooked bbq’s, played games and made lunches. They have wrapped gifts, ridden bikes, kept time, directed, cleaned up, and collected rubbish.


On the announcement, Club Taree CEO Morgan Stewart said “To be listed as a finalist of awards that celebrate our people, and their authentic sense of community is something that should be celebrated. The Club Taree Community Team have, over the last two years, made a tremendous contribution to our Community across the 51 events in which they have been involved. The success of the Club Taree Community Team is a true testament to our Team’s awesomeness, and the alignment with the Teams values. The Club Taree Community Team wouldn’t have the impact it has managed to achieve without the culture of cooperation, achievement and humanity it has fostered”.


He continues “The le Tour de Taree is our favourite event of the year due to its ability to garner the support of our members, guest and community along with the natural enthusiasm it creates amongst our Team. Having just finished our third annual event, news of our nomination has acted a reward to our Team for yet another job well done. The le Tour de Taree is a perfect example of what the Club Taree Community Team aims to be. It creates a sense of community, it allows a team to work together to achieve a common goal, it supports families in need through the provision of welfare, and it creates engagement with our members and guests”.


Club Taree President, Geoff Watman added “We are all very proud of the Club are Community Team on their finalist listing. Each member is a fine representative of Club Taree, and we thank them all for their continued contribution to our community”.


The 2017 Clubs and Community Award winners will be announced at a Gala event to be held at the International Convention Centre Sydney on the 15th October 2017.

2017 le Tour de Taree

The 2017 le Tour de Taree was held from the 1st – 23rd July 2017. The event saw nearly 50 of our team members ride 3540km on spin bikes in the Club Taree Members Lounge. The event raised funds for Ronald McDonald House Northern NSW.

The aims of the le Tour de Taree are to raise funds awareness of Ronald McDonald House Northern NSW (RMHNNSW) and its value to our community, to raise funds to help support the charity and to help build on our existing relationship with RMHNNSW allowing them to become one of our chief partners, one of our charities of choice and an outlet of which our team could engage with. Over the last few years we have developed a strong respect for and friendship with what we believe is a remarkable organisation.

In 2017 we raised an impressive $22,531.40 for RMHNNSW.

Taree Touch Association

Club Taree has announced a three year sponsorship agreement with the Taree Touch Association, which will confirm Club Taree as the Major Sponsor of Taree Touch through until the end of the 2019/2020 season.


Club Taree has committed to a sponsorship deal valued at $15,000 over three seasons. Each year the Taree Touch Association will be presented with $5000 to assist the 600 junior and 400 senior players who engage in this summer sport.


Club Taree has been the proud major sponsor of the Taree Touch Association for the last 9 seasons. Summer sees the Taree recreation grounds come alive with afternoon and night time touch games each Monday and Wednesday. Taree Touch is a family orientated organisation which carries a tremendous sense of community thanks to the commitment of officials, committee members, the passion and sportsmanship of the competitors and the support and encouragement of parents, partners, friends and family.


The game of touch football started officially in 1976, and the Taree Touch Association was established in 1979. By the mid 1980’s the Association had in excess of 50 teams, and Taree itself was considered a pioneer of the game, with many teams such as Port Macquarie and Forster playing under the Taree banner due to a lack of support, resources and infrastructure in their hometowns. The game has continued to grow over the years and each season now sees over 1000 individuals commit their summers to the game of touch football.


Club Taree CEO Morgan Stewart said “The Taree Touch Association is held in high regard not only locally, but across our entire region, and even on a state wide level. To have an association attract a membership of in excess of 1000 people, testament should be given to the organisers, committee and players. Club Taree has had a long and proud relationship as Major Sponsor of Taree Touch and we look forward to another 3 years of financially supporting this Association and in turn offering an outlet for so many of our members and their families to enjoy safe, well governed and enjoyable sporting activity while building a combined sense of community and sportsmanship”.


Of the sponsorship Taree Touch Association President Graham Goodwin added “We are so thankful to Club Taree for their continued support, we look forward to working with them for another three years. Their contributions over the last 9 years have had a direct impact on all our participants, whether they be part of our regular weekly games, or as representatives of our community at regional and state carnivals. This three year commitment will enable our association to develop the game further, while also assisting with administration costs, uniform replacement and training programs”.


Club Taree. Proudly Supporting Our Community.

Taree and District Netball Association

Club Taree has committed to investing $24,000 into the growth and development of netball in the Manning Valley by announcing a three year sponsorship term with the Taree and District Netball Association.


Club Taree has proudly been the major sponsor of the Taree and District Netball Association for the past two years, beginning the relationship in 2015 when it became known that the Association was without a major sponsor. Paul Allan, Club Taree Brand and Communication Manager said “We were proud to establish a relationship in 2015, of which both the Association and Club Taree have benefited. Our sponsorship has enabled the Association to grow the success of their representative teams along with supporting the administration and coordination of the local teams”.


The Association in 2016 recorded great success, notably;

Taree Opens – 3rd place in Regional State League

Taree Opens – Top 10 in Championship Division at State Championships

Taree 15’s – 8th at State Age Championships Division 3

Taree 14’s – 8th plate at State Age Championships Division 2

Taree 13’s – 6th at State Age Championships Division 3

Taree 12’s – 3rd place at State Age Championships Division 4

Taree – March Past winners at both venues at State Age Championships.


Janine Kennewell, Secretary of the Taree and District Netball Association said “We are delighted to continue our relationship with Club Taree. Their support over the last two years has helped grow the profile of our sport, along with provide financial stability for the Association, enabling us to represent our community at more events, develop training programs and generally create a more community minded organisation. To have Club Taree commit as major sponsor of the Taree and District Netball Association through until the end of the 2019 season provides all our players with opportunity. We plan to use the sponsorship to assist with extensions to the clubhouse and canteen, assist with the travel costs of representative teams, assist through subsidy the costs of training our umpires and coaches, as well as rewarding our players and volunteers”


Visit their website

CEO Sleep Out

Club Taree CEO Morgan Stewart is once again participating in the Vinnies CEO Sleepout at McDonald Jones Stadium, Broadmeadow on Thursday 22nd June 2017. The Hunter based event raised $117,000 in 2016, providing financial assistance to those at risk of homelessness.

Morgan is raising funds online, below is the link to his fundraising page.

Club Taree will also have donation points throughout the Club from the 1st June 2017.

Club Taree provides parkrun the gift of life

On Saturday 4th February the Club Taree Community Team headed down to the Manning River foreshore to present Taree parkrun with a defibrillator.

Club Taree is extremely proud of it’s association with Taree parkrun, and were delighted to safeguard community members who enjoy parkrun through this donation. The simple donation may well save the life of one of our community members or visitors.

Parkrun is a free, weekly, 5km timed event which runs all over the world. Parkrun is open to everyone from juniors and first timers to Olympians and octogenarians. Whether you’re young or old, male or female, fit or unit, able-bodied or not, you’re always welcome at parkrun. Parkrun began in Bushy Park, Teddington, UK, when in 2004, 13 runners got together on a blustery day and went for a run. It doesn’t matter how fast you go, it doesn’t matter what you wear, what matters is taking part.. Today there are registered events in countries all over the world, including: Australia, Canada, Denmark, France, Ireland, Italy, New Zealand, Poland, Russia, Singapore, South Africa, Sweden, The United Kingdom and the USA.

Parkrun was launched in Australia at Main Beach on the Gold Coast on 2nd April 2011 with 108 runners, including the great Ron Clark AO MBE in attendance.

Relay for Life 2017


Club Taree was delighted to host the 2017 Manning Valley Relay for Life. The Club Taree Community Team participated with over 100 registered volunteers for our team alone. The event was a huge success raising just over $50,000 for the Cancer Council.

The Club Taree Community Team together with our members and guests raised a total of $12,756.40 – thank you to all those who helped us along the way.

Relay for Life is a fun and moving overnight experience that raises vital funds for the Cancer Council’s research, prevention, information and support services. Relay is a chance for the Taree community to recognise and celebrate local cancer survivors, patients and their carers, to honour and remember loved ones lost to cancer and to raise money to help save lives.


Australian War Memorial Last Post Ceremony

In August Club Taree became a Silver Sponsor of the Australian War Memorial (AWM) Last Post Ceremony in tribute to all of the local service personnel who have given their lives in service to the nation.

Each day hundreds of people attend the Last Post Ceremony at the AWM. It is a very moving and special commemoration of the sacrifice of our brave service personnel from all branches of the Defence Force. The online broadcast is watched by thousands of people each week.

Each ceremony follows the same format, but each is a different and very moving occasion, the daily Last Post Ceremony farewells visitors to the Memorial with a tribute to and Australian named on the Roll of Honour.

Each Ceremony tells the story behind just one of the more than 102,700 names of the bronze panels that line the walls of the Commemorative Area. It is a testament to the terrible cost of war that it will take nearly 300 years to commemorate every person on the Roll of Honour, and the Memorial is committed to ensuring that each story will eventually be told.

Manning Valley Cycle Club

Club Taree is delighted to partner with the Manning Valley Cycle Club to improve the safety of the Taree Criterium Track.

The Manning Valley Cycle Club (MVCC) is a long established cycle club which encourages safe cycling for all ages. The Club conducts weekly races either on Police approved road courses at Upper and Central Lansdowne, Wootton Way, Bootawah and Kolodong. Club members also compete in Newcastle and Port Macquarie. The Criterium Track (Crit Track) is utilised for races during the daylight saving months and all year round for training.

We look forward to working with the Manning Valley Cycle Club.

2016 Rotary Schools Spectacular

Club Taree is once again in 2016 a Gold Sponsor of the Rotary Manning Schools Spectacular. Funds raised by the Spectacular are used to support programs being taught and funded in our local schools by the Australian Children’s Music Foundation (ACMF).

The ACMF was founded by Don Spencer to provide musical instruments and programs for disadvantaged and indigenous children in Australia. Initially the program was taken into Juvenile Detention Centres and gradually it has expanded into schools. Some years ago ACMF recognised the substantial numbers of youth in detention centres on the Central Coast of NSW came from the Manning Valley.

For many years ACMF has taken its program to disadvantaged schools throughout Australia, normally one school per community. A decision was taken to carry out an experiment in Taree by taking the program to multiple schools. Currently the program is being taken into Taree High School, Chatham High School, Taree Public School, Chatham Primary School and Manning Gardens School.

Club Taree Turns Pink 2016

Those who visited us in October would be well aware that we ‘turned pink’ for the month to raise funds for the Cancer Council’s Pink Ribbon Campaign. We were once again delighted at how our members and guests embraced this initiative and supported the efforts of the Club Taree Community Team.

In 2016 the Club Taree Community Team ran a number of initiatives, and hosted events to raise funds such as the Pink Ribbon High Tea, the Pink Plate and the Wine Degustation Dinner. We would like to take the time to thank our internal clubs, our members and guests for their valued contributions.

A special mention must go to the hard work and passion of our Club Taree Lady Golfers who each year run their Pink Golf Day as part of this program and in 2016 they managed to raise in excess of $4,300, a truly amazing amount, that will make a dramatic difference to the Cancer Council and the programs that they fund.

The total amount raised in 2016 was $9,276. This is our third year of running this initiative and to date the total amount raised by the Club Taree Community Team for the Cancer Council with thanks to their supporters is $33,432.

le Tour de Taree 2016

After riding 3,519km over 22 days in 157 combined hours in le Tour de Taree, the Club Taree Community Team was delighted to hand over a cheque for $20,879 to the Ronald McDonald House Northern NSW. 

le Tour de Taree was bigger than ever, with the community getting behind the initiative any way they could. This year saw our Club Taree Community Team ride from Saturday 2nd July through to Sunday 24th July, mirroring the le Tour de France.

From day one out Team was determined to make sure we got over the line with plenty of time to spare, setting challenges, personal goals and fundraising targets along the way. In all 28 of our Team members rode, along with a couple of ‘guest’ riders helping to clock up the kilometers. Last years record was smashed with Kye making his way through to the leaders position. Kye managed three 100km stints, along with a whole load of equally impressive rides. Amanda rode the second furthest and Mal secured third place with his efforts.

We took the ride on the road this year, setting up in Taree Central on Friday 8th July, it was great to engage with the community and have a chat to them about what we were doing and why we were doing it.

We again took our riders on the road when we visited Taree parkrun on Saturday 15th July for a special ‘Show Us Your Socks’ Taree parkrun, which saw us riding our spin bikes on the banks of the Manning River.

This year we implemented another level of Community engagement with the ‘Show Us Your Socks Taree’ campaign, whereby we asked people to wear silly socks to raise a smile for sick kids, and of course raise funds for the le Tour de Taree. A huge thank you to everyone who got in the spirit of showing us their socks.

Our Team also headed out to Ronald McDonald House Northern NSW twice for their ‘Make a Meal’ initiative, whereby members of the public hose a welcome dinner for the families using the Ronald McDonald Family Retreat at Forster. It was wonderful to meet some of the families benefiting from the funds raised.

We were once again humbles by the support of our members, guests, internal clubs and wider community. A massive thank you to Manning Valley Automotive who kindly donated $2,000 to the initiative. Another thank you to Anytime Fitness Taree who loaned us the bikes for the ride.

We are so proud of our Team, and their commitment to helping support the community through initiatives such as these, and the biggest thanks goes to them for always going above and beyond with passion and enthusiasm.

Club Taree Community Team

The Club Taree Community Team is able to lend a “helping hand”, quite literally.

In May 2015 Club Taree introduced the Club Taree Community Team. An outlet for our Team of staff to assist the community through volunteering, supporting, fundraising, building awareness and engagement.

In 2015 alone our team donated a total of 598 volunteer hours into the Community, a feat of which we are very proud.

The Club Taree Community Team is a fun form of Community engagement, which lets us promote the ideals of our business, while reflecting our values, and building our Teams sense of community.

If we can help with a project, some fundraising, awareness, engagement or assistance please give us a call. Our Team is always looking for new ways to help different sectors of the community, se we may just be able to help out with most tasks, no matter how big or small they may seem.

In 2015 our Club Taree Community Team raised an additional $40,000 for our Community over and above our Club Grants total.

Contact our Brand and Communication Manager, Paul Allan to make an enquiry on the support of our Team.

Phone 0265394000 or Email

Red 25

Club Taree has its very own RED25 Team with the Red Cross Blood Service. This is a unique program uniting groups and organisations around Australia to save lives through blood donation.

We are asking all elegible members to consider signing up to our RED25 Team – Club Taree. All you need to do if you’re an existing donor is have your Donor ID number linked to the Club Taree Red25 Team. If you’re nto a donor but are considering, all you need to do is call 13 14 95 to become a donor and receive an ID.

Our aim is to be the number one RED25 Team in the region, and with over 10,000 possible donors (members) in our organisation we think this goal is well within reach.

If you have any questions please contact our Brand and Communication Manager, Paul Allan on 65394000 or by email

Le Tour de Taree

The le Tour de Taree is the Club Taree Community Team’s signature fundraising initiative. Raising funds for Ronald McDonald House Northern NSW, the ‘tour’ sees our Club Taree Community Team Members collectively riding together to mirror the distance, time and dates of the le Tour de France.

Collectively riding on spin bikes in our Members Lounge, our team rides in excess of 3300 kilometres over a period of 22 days.

In 2015, we launched to initiative which saw 30 of our team member’s ride 3344km over 22 days in 157 hours to raise $17,566.15 for Ronald McDonald House Northern NSW.

On conclusion of the ride, Club Taree President said of the team;

“The le Tour de Taree has certainly cemented itself as a signature event for 2015, not only for Club Taree, but for the whole community. We have all enjoyed following the team from day one, through the 3344km and across the finish line. We are just so proud of their efforts, their commitment and their passion. Club Taree has a rich culture which stems from our people, not only from how well our team members work together, but also by how we manage to constantly rally the support of our members and our wider community. This event is a wonderful tangible demonstration of the ideals of a club, providing support, and companionship, promoting teamwork and engagement, and supporting the wider community through commitment with passion and good intent. We are delighted to have aligned with Ronald McDonald House Northern NSW, and look forward to a long relationship. Club Taree is extremely proud to have been able to supply a platform for fundraising and awareness of the great facilities, services, education and support offered by Ronald McDonald House Northern NSW to so many of our local regional and state-wide community members”.

The le Tour de Taree has been nominated for a ClubsNSW Clubs and Community Award in 2016.

Le Tour de Taree will be back in 2016, from Saturday 2nd July through until Sunday 23rd July.

Club Grants

Club Taree literally receives hundreds of requests for assistance each year through our Club Grants process.

Club Taree offers assistance to a wide range of community organisations, whether it be through continuous sponsorship such as sporting associations and teams, continued relationships with local charitable organisations, our tertiary scholarship program, one off donations to fundraisers, or in-kind donations to assist in offsetting the costs of fundraising or community engagement. While we do try to assist as many applications as practicable, it is simply not possible for us to support each and every request.

Generally we prefer to support community minded requests, which have a greater community benefit rather than individual requests.

Support from Club Taree is available throughout the year, and applications should be made in writing and addressed to our Brand and Communications Manager, Paul Allan. Applications will be filtered through our pre-determined support criteria, including overall benefit to the community, as well as aligned to the Club Taree values.

Any application should outline specific details of what the requested funds or donation would be used for, along with perceived benefits for the community and any marketing opportunities for Club Taree.

Address any application to;

Paul Allan
Brand and Communication Manager
Club Taree
PO Box 40
Taree NSW 2430


Community Raffle

Each year Club Taree provides a range of support to our community, whether it be through donations, support, and sponsorship or in kind contributions. We are extremely proud of this support that we offer, and are constantly looking for additional ways to offer support.

In March 2016 Club Taree introduced the Community Raffle concept to its Friday Night Raffle. Each Friday we hand over the raffles to a different community group, organisation, and charity or project team.

Club Taree will donate any profits from the raffle to that week’s corresponding organisation, charity, group or team.

There are a few guidelines. If you are interested in raising some additional funds for your group or project please contact our Brand and Communication Manager Paul Allan on 65394000 or by email


Club Taree is proud to offer ongoing sponsorships to a number of local sporting groups. We are proud of the association with each of these groups, and place great value in trying tho assists them where we can.

  • Taree and District Netball Association
  • Taree parkrun
  • Club Taree Touch – Taree Touch Association
  • Club Taree Red Rovers
  • Taree Tennis Association
  • Cundletown Cougars Hockey Club

BreastScreen NSW

Club Taree is delighted to host BreastSreen NSW in 2016. We value the service that BreastScreen NSW offers to the women in our community, our members, our guests, our friends and our family. We encourage all women to make use of this service while stationed at Club Taree from June – November. We need to find the Taree 20

BreastScreen NSW Hunter New England‘s Visit to Club Taree

BreastScreen NSW Hunter New England was one of the first breast cancer screening services to be established in Australia and pioneered the use of mobile vans to bring screening services to women living in rural areas of NSW.

The mobile van has been visiting Taree every year since the early 1990s. It has always been sited on the campus of the Manning Hospital. Because of redevelopment work at the hospital during 2016 BreastScreen NSW has had to find a new location.

This is very important, as having one mammogram is not enough and women need to be rescreened every two years because breast cancer can develop at any time and the risk increases as women get older.

In 2016 there are over 3000 women aged 50 to 74 years in the Taree area who are due for their rescreen and BreastScreen NSW has a responsibility to screen these women.

Club Taree has stepped into the breach and the mobile van will be sited at the Club from mid- June until early November.

Breast cancer is a community problem which affects not just the women diagnosed but their husbands, partners, children, grandchildren, other family and friends. By providing a ‘home’ for the mobile van Club Taree continues to demonstrate its commitment to the community. This visit will save lives.

While Taree women have always supported the BreastScreen NSW service, with 5784 women aged 50 to 74 years being screened over the last two years, there are still 3000 women in this age group who have not been screened.

This means that about 20 women in Taree aged 50 to 74 years have breast cancer and do not know it. As part of the 2016 visit to Club Taree we need to find the Taree 20.


BreastScreen NSW Hunter New England Key Messages

  • BreastScreen NSW offers a free, high quality service for the early detection of breast cancer.
  • Breast screening can find cancers when they are as small as a grain of rice, well before they can be seen or felt. Most women who have their breast cancer detected at this early stage can return to a normal life after treatment.
  • All women over 40 are eligible for free mammograms with BreastScreen NSW.
  • Women aged 50 to 74 are particularly encouraged to attend. This is because screening mammograms have been shown to be of most benefit, in terms of deaths prevented. For women in this age group.
  • About 75% of all new breast cancers are diagnosed in women 50 or over.
  • One in 8 women in Australia will develop breast cancer in their lifetime.
  • Nine out of ten women diagnosed with breast cancer do not have a family history.
  • Having a regular mammogram only takes 20 minutes every two years.
  • It’s important, it’s free and it could save your life.

To book your appointment simply call 13 20 50.