Taree expo’s and special events

Club Taree is proud to be the host venue of many great community events every year. Whether it be a conference, an expo, a charity event, fundraiser or showcase, Club Taree is often the venue of choice in the Manning Valley. Our facilities along with our customer service commitment ensure that hosts, attendees and guests are well catered for. These events also offer our members and guests a great range of entertainment and engagement opportunities.

Club Taree also hosts a number of our own events. We are proud of our commitment to the community and we often as a result host fundraisers, events, initiatives and expos to support our wider community.

If you are looking at hosting an expo or special event please contact our Functions Coordinator.

Upcoming events

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Imagine a Colour Run which is less about the run and more about the fun. Held here at Club Taree at the rear of the Club we are setting up an easy 500 metre track, we are loading in some awesome tunes, fun activities, a few surprises, and a whole load of colour. Our aim is to provide a completely family friendly event, in a non-daunting and engaging environment. We don’t care if you run, walk, jog, dawdle, skip or even hop. The idea is that you participate in a way that makes you feel good. Ideal for kids, family, groups, friends, and just about everybody.

We guarantee that you will leave this event with a huge smile on your face.

We are hosting this event as part of our le Tour de Taree fundraising program to raise funds for Ronald McDonald House Charities Northern NSW, and all funds raised will go directly to RMHCNNSW in supporting local and regional families with sick children.

To tie into the le tour de Taree we are aiming that all attendees will collectively walk the same distance as the le Tour de Taree, which is 3329km.

The event officially runs from 11am though until 1pm, however we will have half hour long pre and post parties to ensure you get the most out of your le Tour de Colour experience.

We are planning to enhance the experience with live and recorded music, jumbo slides and activities, food and beverage facilities, games, surprises and a whole lot more.

Tickets are on sale now and there are two ways to purchase your tickets to this fantastic community event. The first is in person at Club Taree and the second is via the Sticky Tickets website – follow the link below

For le TOUR de COLOUR tickets click here 

All tickets include an event t shirt, sunnies and event sweat band.

Pre-Sale Tickets (on sale until Sunday 24th June) Tickets are $30 per person or $100 for a family of 2 adults and 2 children (aged 15 and under)

Standard Tickets (on sale from Monday 25th June through until Sunday July 15th). Tickets are $35 per person or $120 for a family of 2 adults and 2 children (aged 15 and under). Please note that any tickets purchased after Monday 9th July may not include an event t shirt.

Individuals will need to register at the time of ticket purchase.

Inclusions will be issued during registration on the day of the event.

This event will be held across all weather conditions, unless deemed unsafe by organisers, at which time an alternative nearby date will be scheduled.

For more information contact Club Taree Reception or Paul Allan via email pallan@clubtaree.com.au


Saturday 6th July 2018
Tickets are available now at Club Taree Reception. $20 per person or $180 for a table of 10. Phone 6539 4000.

Club Taree and the Club Taree Community Team are super excited to launch GAME NIGHT, a fundraising event for the 2018 le Tour de Taree. All funds raised on the night go straight to supporting the work of Ronald McDonald House Charities Northern NSW.

Get your friends, family and work colleagues together for a fabulous night of fun and GAMES. Think trivia mixed with a whole load of challenges, games and a whole load of laughs. Only the best team will win. Up for grabs is $500 worth of Club Taree Vouchers for the winning team.

There will be loads of fundraising opportunities on the night.

Don’t miss out.

Can Assist Manning Valley Presents ELTON - The Younger Years

Saturday 25th August 2018
6pm Arrival. 6.30pm Dinner. 8.30pm Show.
Tickets available now at Club Taree Reception. $65 per person. Phone 6539 4000. Tickets are on sale until the 20th August, so get in quick before its too late.

Can Assist Manning Valley is excited to launch this year’s major fundraiser. Held at Club Taree on Saturday 25th August 2018 is Can Assist Manning Valley Presents ELTON – The Younger Years. It is already set to be one of the social events of the year, filled with friends, an amazing atmosphere, a terrific sense of community as well as plenty of opportunity for you to dance and sing along with all of your favourite Elton John songs.

Elton – The Young Years is the world’s only Elton John tribute to fulfill the premise of the great tribute shows: to present something you will never see again. In this case it’s Elton in his young, mid-1970s prime. And not just the songs: the man himself is presented in the first-person, as a three-dimensional character that deeply engages with the audience.

Elton – The Young Years was designed for casinos, cruise-ships and theatres… it has the bigness, flamboyance, high energy, a little story-telling, and GREAT music.

The authentically reproduced flamboyant costumes, the voice, mannerisms, instruments, visuals and acrobatics, coupled with hilarious, insightful and moving banter (scripted and spontaneous), and 2.5 hours of one of the most iconic repertoires in the world makes Elton – The Young Years a hugely entertaining show.

Undoubtedly, it is the closest anyone has ever come to re-creating young Elton John in his golden period!

Can Assist Manning Valley (CAMV) is a grass roots organisation, offering practical support and financial assistance to local cancer patients and their families. CAMV is a completely voluntary organisation, and our key component is that funds raised locally are distributed locally. CAMV is one of 50 Can Assist branches state-wide, supported by a head office in Sydney covering administration costs such as auditing, insurance and marketing ensuring that funds raised locally stay local

Can Assist Manning Valley (CAMV) is a hardworking and passionate group of locals who give of their time and commitment on a voluntary basis. Each of the committee has a different reason for wanting to help, whether it be through having dealt first hand with friends and family battling cancer and the financial challenges this incurs, or whether it just to work on filling a void in community support within the Manning Valley.

2018 Manning Valley Volunteer Expo

Monday 21st May 2018
2pm – 6pm

Download the Participant Prospectus below

Volunteer Expo Prospectus

Download the Event Poster below

A4 Poster

Club Taree is excited to be partnering with Manning Support Services to present to the 2017 Manning Valley Volunteer Expo on Monday 21st May 2018 here at Club Taree from 2pm – 6pm.

Held during National Volunteer Week, the expo aims to align organisations with potential volunteers, while offering the same organisations the opportunity to showcase their achievements and services.

The expo will offer an opportunity for potential volunteers to talk with local organisations who rely on volunteers to make our community a better place to live.

This year’s National Volunteer Week theme is “Give a Little. Change a lot”. National Volunteer week runs from Monday 21st May through to Sunday 27th May 2018.

The event ties into the third anniversary of the Club Taree Community Team, who have to date volunteered in excess of 4500 hours and raised close to $200,000 for our local community. On the day the Club Taree Community Team will be onsite to talk to members of the community about our achievements, and of course offer our help where it may be needed.

There is a great alignment between this event and the values of both Club Taree, and the Club Taree Community Team.

This theme represents the millions of volunteers who make a significant impact on their communities and on society, by giving a little of their time. Volunteers are happier, healthier and sleep better than those who don’t volunteer – many doctors should recommend it for its positive impact on both physical and mental health.

Volunteering has immediate  tangible benefits to the organisation for which one is volunteering, usually through the completion of tasks and engagement. Greater than these tangible benefits, the concept of volunteering has greater reach;

  • volunteering builds and strengthens communities by building social networks.
  • volunteering helps prevent loneliness and social isolation by encouraging participation.
  • volunteering increases socialisation, which lowers the risk of depression and anxiety, improves brain function and the immune system.
  • volunteering builds bonds and creates friendships.
  • volunteering improves mental health by increasing the feeling of happiness. 96% of volunteers say that it makes them happier.
  • volunteering develops emotional stability and assists with low self-esteem by producing a sense of purpose.
  • volunteering builds confidence in younger people.
  • volunteering reduces stress and improves well-being. 95% of volunteers say that volunteering increases the feeling of well-being.
  • volunteering reduces the risk of Alzheimer’s by maintaining social connections in those over the age of 65 years.
  • volunteering leads to aging gracefully by offering a better outlook on life, and encouraging active lifestyles thanks to the nurturing of altruistic emotions and behaviours which are associated with greater well-being, health and longevity.
  • volunteering improves physical health by getting people active and moving.
  • volunteering provides better job prospects by offering civil mindedness.
  • volunteering develops corporate communities and encourages philanthropy. of the 600,000 not for profit organisations in Australia only 60,000 have paid employees.
  • volunteering adds fun to our lives.

The 2016 Census revealed that Australia’s population is 23.4 million people, of this 3.6 million people or 19.0% of the population aged 15 years and over are engaged in voluntary work through an organisation or group. The highest rate of volunteering for men in Australia is found in the 45 – 54 year age group with 302,612 males actively volunteering, while with women it is the 35 – 44 year age group that has the largest number with 399,899 women. The overall most active age group for volunteering in Australia is the 45 – 54 year age group with 679, 602 active volunteers.

Blood Donor Week

Are you a blood donor? Join Red25 Club Taree Team and save lives!

Club Taree has signed up to the Red25 program with the Red Cross Blood Service. This is a unique program uniting groups and organisations around Australia to save lives through Blood Donation.

We are asking ALL eligible members to consider signing up to our Red25 team – Club Taree. All you need to do if you’re an existing donor is have your Donor ID number linked to the Club Taree REd25 team. If you’re not a donor but are considering, all you need to do is call 13 14 95 to become a donor and receive your ID.

To say thank you for saving lives once you have joined our Club Taree Red25 team, we want to shout you a coffee! Simply record your name with our reception staff and we will shout you a coffee at Cafe Connect here at Club Taree.

Our aim is to be the number one Red25 team in the region, and with over 10,000 possible blood donors in our organisation we think this goal is well within reach.

If you have any questions, please contact our Brand & Communications Manager Paul Allan on 02 6539 4000 or by email pallan@clubtaree.com.au