Taree expo’s and special events

Club Taree is proud to be the host venue of many great community events every year. Whether it be a conference, an expo, a charity event, fundraiser or showcase, Club Taree is often the venue of choice in the Manning Valley. Our facilities along with our customer service commitment ensure that hosts, attendees and guests are well catered for. These events also offer our members and guests a great range of entertainment and engagement opportunities.

Club Taree also hosts a number of our own events. We are proud of our commitment to the community and we often as a result host fundraisers, events, initiatives and expos to support our wider community.

If you are looking at hosting an expo or special event please contact our Functions Coordinator.

Upcoming events

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le Tour de Taree Fundraising High Tea

Saturday 21st July
$35 members and $40 non members

$10 from each ticket sold will be donated to Ronald McDonald House Charities Northern NSW as part of the le Tour de Taree.

Jennifer Wendtman - Self Care and Boundaries

Thursday 19th July from 7pm
Tickets $40 – available at Club Taree Reception
Includes welcome drink, supper & gift bag

Wowing the audience at the recent International Women’s Day Luncheon Jennifer Wendtman left a lasting impression on all those in attendance. Jennifer is back at Club Taree presenting a unique opportunitiy for men and women. Described by many as the most engaging and honest speaker they have ever seen, Jennifer will be sure to resinate with people from all walks of life. This is a not to be missed event for anyone and everyone. We know you will leave feeling refreshing and motivated.

In her 90 minute talk, Jennifer will speak of ‘Self Care & Boundaries’, where taking care of me is taking care of you.

Known for her ability to engage with the audience and skillfully and naturally take them on a journey, Jennifer Wendtman uses humour and life experiences to connect and inspire. Her delivery offers a clear message woven together with narrative from broad experience. Jennifer challenges people to think, reflect and move toward their purpose. As a Speaker Jennifer Wendtman brings life as well as empathetic connection that leave the audience motivated and with tools for growth.

Jennifer’s reputation as a speaker is built on her capacity to address challenging topics with raw honesty, humour and compassion. The creation of a safe and relaxed atmosphere provides a space where the audience become participants and engage in the presentation. Jennifer speaks on various topics involved in the human experience including; Communication, Self-care and Boundaries. Jennifer is constantly researching topics and fields of knowledge, she has a gift of interpreting new and current trends into digestible understanding and action.

As a Chaplain Jennifer carries empathy and compassion and is able to meet with individuals or groups on any level to be with them personally and spiritually. Many times she has been told by individuals that she is nothing like they expected a Chaplain or a minister to be. Jennifer is an authorised minister.  As a Celebrant Jennifer is personal, her ceremonies are individual, fun and woven together to reflect the uniqueness of every couple as a reflection of God’s love.

When she’s not speaking or facilitating Jennifer works with schools and communities to build better connection to support families. This work is motivated by life’s goal of growing connections.


Can Assist Manning Valley Presents ELTON - The Younger Years

Saturday 25th August 2018
6pm Arrival. 6.30pm Dinner. 8.30pm Show.
Tickets available now at Club Taree Reception. $65 per person. Phone 6539 4000. Tickets are on sale until the 20th August, so get in quick before its too late.

Can Assist Manning Valley is excited to launch this year’s major fundraiser. Held at Club Taree on Saturday 25th August 2018 is Can Assist Manning Valley Presents ELTON – The Younger Years. It is already set to be one of the social events of the year, filled with friends, an amazing atmosphere, a terrific sense of community as well as plenty of opportunity for you to dance and sing along with all of your favourite Elton John songs.

Elton – The Young Years is the world’s only Elton John tribute to fulfill the premise of the great tribute shows: to present something you will never see again. In this case it’s Elton in his young, mid-1970s prime. And not just the songs: the man himself is presented in the first-person, as a three-dimensional character that deeply engages with the audience.

Elton – The Young Years was designed for casinos, cruise-ships and theatres… it has the bigness, flamboyance, high energy, a little story-telling, and GREAT music.

The authentically reproduced flamboyant costumes, the voice, mannerisms, instruments, visuals and acrobatics, coupled with hilarious, insightful and moving banter (scripted and spontaneous), and 2.5 hours of one of the most iconic repertoires in the world makes Elton – The Young Years a hugely entertaining show.

Undoubtedly, it is the closest anyone has ever come to re-creating young Elton John in his golden period!

Can Assist Manning Valley (CAMV) is a grass roots organisation, offering practical support and financial assistance to local cancer patients and their families. CAMV is a completely voluntary organisation, and our key component is that funds raised locally are distributed locally. CAMV is one of 50 Can Assist branches state-wide, supported by a head office in Sydney covering administration costs such as auditing, insurance and marketing ensuring that funds raised locally stay local

Can Assist Manning Valley (CAMV) is a hardworking and passionate group of locals who give of their time and commitment on a voluntary basis. Each of the committee has a different reason for wanting to help, whether it be through having dealt first hand with friends and family battling cancer and the financial challenges this incurs, or whether it just to work on filling a void in community support within the Manning Valley.

Blood Donor Week

Are you a blood donor? Join Red25 Club Taree Team and save lives!

Club Taree has signed up to the Red25 program with the Red Cross Blood Service. This is a unique program uniting groups and organisations around Australia to save lives through Blood Donation.

We are asking ALL eligible members to consider signing up to our Red25 team – Club Taree. All you need to do if you’re an existing donor is have your Donor ID number linked to the Club Taree REd25 team. If you’re not a donor but are considering, all you need to do is call 13 14 95 to become a donor and receive your ID.

To say thank you for saving lives once you have joined our Club Taree Red25 team, we want to shout you a coffee! Simply record your name with our reception staff and we will shout you a coffee at Cafe Connect here at Club Taree.

Our aim is to be the number one Red25 team in the region, and with over 10,000 possible blood donors in our organisation we think this goal is well within reach.

If you have any questions, please contact our Brand & Communications Manager Paul Allan on 02 6539 4000 or by email pallan@clubtaree.com.au