January Monthly Medal

News and Views from Taree Golf Club    10 January 2018


January Monthly Medal

Saturday golfers had the best of the weekend weather with condition decidedly warm and a tad humid, something that did not prevent some good stroke rounds.  The A grade contest was won by s a visitor from Merewether with a great nett score of 64.  The A grade medal went to second place getter Ray Webber whose nett 66 was three shots ahead of David Reed (69) in third place; the scratch award in the grade went to Peter Simpson for an excellent 72.  In B grade winner and medallist was Trevor Brown with a nett 67 a count back ahead of Steven Nye (67) in second place and Greg Watman (68) in third place.  The scratch prize went to Simon Magin for his 82.  Don Strybis had a good round of nett 66 to win the C grade medal; David Broadbent (67) was second and Michael Stinson (69) third with the scratch award going to Rudy Brinkman with a round of 87.

Nearest to the pins were won by: Todd Watkin at the 1st; Todd Watkin and Ross Townsend at the 4th; Ray Webber at the 12th; Peter Simpson, Steven Nye and Kevin McKillop Davies at the 14th; and Jackson Witts, Robert Nupier and Rudy Brinkman at the 16th.  The sharpshooters’ award of the day went to Jackson Witts for shot which landed 96 cm from the pin at the 14th.

Shirley Maurer had “a great day at the office” with her win on 41 Stableford points in the women’s Stableford; Pat Kristiansen was runner up on 39 points.


Midweek golf!

New Year’s Day on Monday of last week got the Taree Veterans off to a slow start despite the good weather and it was the two Thompsons, Bob and Alan who took the top and only prize in a Four Ball Better Ball Stableford with 44 points.  On Tuesday, there was a good holiday sized field albeit one interrupted by a very close thunderstorm that foreshortened a few rounds.  John Hurrell took the top prize with 39 points; he was followed by a visitor T McGeogh (38) and Jackson Witts (36) came in third.  In Thursday’s medley Stableford, Jimmy Weeks was the winner scoring 41 Stableford points and he was followed by Jackson Witts (40) on a count back from Gary Pomplun (40).  The four ball was won by John Wagener and Jim Harris with 46 points.


Coming Up! 

Our next two Saturdays are the second and third rounds of the Summer Cup Stableford series.


Rules Quiz

Q1: The course is the whole area within any boundaries established by the Committee.  The correct answer is true: See Definition of Course.

Q2: The Committee may make a Local Rule prohibiting play from ground under repair.  True or false?  The correct answer is true: See Definition of Ground Under Repair.

Q3: In stroke play, you make a stroke on the putting green whilst pressing your forearm tight to his body creating an anchor point against your body. What is the ruling? (a) You incur a one stroke penalty and the ball is played as it lies; (b) You incur a two stroke penalty and the ball is played as it lies; or (c) You incur a two stroke penalty and the ball must be replaced and the stroke replayed.  The correct answer is B: You have breached Rule 14-1b, and you incur a penalty of two stroke and the ball must be played as it lies.

Q4: In a Stableford competition, you may practice chipping near the putting green once you have holed out or picked up.  True or false?  The correct answer is true: You may practice in accordance with Rule 7-2, provided your practice stroke is not made from a hazard and you do not unduly delay play. See Decision 7-2/1.

Q5: In stroke play, you play a left-handed stroke with the back of the head of a right-handed club. What is the ruling? (a) You incur a two stroke penalty; (b) You incur a one stroke penalty; or (c) There is no penalty.  The correct answer is C: You may play a stroke with any part of the clubhead, provided the ball is fairly struck at (Rule 14-1a) and the club conforms with Rule 4-1. See also Decision 14-1a/1.

Q6: In match play, you mark the position of your ball on the putting green, lift the ball and set it aside. By mistake, you putt the ball from the spot at which you set it aside. What is the ruling? (a) You incur a penalty of two strokes and must correct your mistake by replacing the ball at the correct spot before playing from the next tee; (b) You lose the hole; or (c) You must correct your mistake by replacing the ball at the correct spot otherwise you lose the hole.  The correct answer is B: When a ball is lifted, it is out of play (Definition of “Ball in Play”). When you played a stroke at your ball which was out of play, you played a wrong ball, the penalty for which is loss of hole. (Decision 15/4).


Using the Rules

You may ask any one the distance from any point A to any point B as information about distance is not advice.


Golfers excuses!

I played poorly because … I need a new set of clubs.

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