Kokoda Youth Leadership Scholarship

Kokoda Youth Leadership Scholarship

The 2019 Club Taree Kokoda Youth Leadership Challenge Scholarship is now open for applications.

The Kokoda Youth Leadership Challenge is a peer group leadership program promoted by the RSL & Services Clubs Association. The challenge is aimed at young people at school or disadvantaged or unemployed young people in the community who are having difficulty in finding their way in society. It is also used to encourage young achievers with natural leadership skills.

The leadership program aims to create a greater awareness of the sacrifices if the Diggers on the Kokoda campaign among our young people to ensure the traditions live on. At the same time it instills in participants a commitment to community service and enhances their personal development by providing an opportunity for them to experience the same conditions under which our diggers fought. It is a transformational experience encouraging future leadership roles back in the community.

The program involves an arduous 10 day trek across the original Kokoda Trail in Papua New Guinea, presentations at significant battle sites and discussions on sacrifice, courage, mateship, endurance and leadership. It provides participants with practical leadership experience based on the achievements and sacrifice of our diggers during the Kokoda campaign.

Application packages are now available from Paul Allan at Club Taree. You can contact Paul on 02 6539 4000 or via email pallan@clubtaree.com.au

Alternatively you can download both information on the scholarship and the Trekkers Guide below.

Club Taree Kokoda Scholarship
2019 Kokoda Youth Leadership Challenge Trekkers Guide