Le Tour de Taree

le Tour de Taree

The goal of le Tour de Taree has always been the same – to make a positive difference to the welfare of sick children and their families.

In 2019 the Club Taree Community Team is hosting their 5th Annual le Tour de Taree. Over the years we’ve had some massive Tours, but this year will be epic. We have more riders than ever before signed up to ride, and more ways to raise funds than ever before.

This year our team once again mirrors our ‘sister ride’ le Tour de France in travelling a total distance of 3460km over 23 days. Established in 2015 on a whim of a conversation, le Tour de Taree has seen a total of 64 different riders collectively ride 15,715.2km over 88 days in 628 hours to raise $96,596 for sick children and their families.

It was our Team that chose Ronald McDonald House Charities Northern NSW (RMHCNNSW) as the sole beneficiary of funds raised. It would be safe to say that back in April 2015 when the idea was conceived no one in the team would have been acutely aware of just how much Manning Valley families rely on the services and programs of RMHCNNSW.

Each week 12 families from the Manning Valley and the Great Lakes use the facilities of RMHCNNSW, equating to 624 local families every year calling on RMHCNNSW for support at their most vulnerable times.

le Tour de Taree continues to be our Signature Event, one that the entire team can participate in whether it be through riding, raising funds, and community engagement or support roles.

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2019 le Tour de Taree

We are currently busy planning the 2019 le Tour de Taree – what will be our 5th Anniversary ride.

The event runs from the 6th – 28th July 2019 and will see the Club Taree Community Team ride a total of 3460km

In 2019 we have more riders than ever signed up, with 59 Team Members making the commitment this year. This year there are more ways than ever to help us with our fundraising targets thanks to a great range of events and activities. Search our website for more information.

If you would like to donate you can do in person at Club Taree or you can donate online using our My Cause page.

If you would like to be a part of our Signature Fundraising Event in 2019 please contact Paul Allan on 6539 4000 or by email pallan@clubtaree.com.au


2018 le Tour de Taree

2018’s le Tour de Taree turned out to be our biggest yet – with our awesome team smashing some serious goals, both on and off the bikes.

In 2018 we;

  • rode a total of 5131.2km (which is 1,802.2km more than we actually had to ride)
  • raised $35,616.80
  • rode every single day
  • had 35 team members particpate along with 2 offical guests, and 6 official helpers

2018 Achievements;

  • First Place – Kye Singe 860.1km
  • Second Place – Amanda Hodder 859km
  • Third Place – Lisa Ruprecht – 543km
  • Most Ridden in One Day – Robert McPhillips -150km
  • Most Days Ridden – Lisa Ruprecht – 22 out of 23 days ridden
  • Most Consistent Rider – Kylie Morris
  • Fundraising Champion – Kristie Lea Singe

Total amount raised since 2015 is $96,088.14

Total distance ridden since 2015 is 15,713.2km


2017 le Tour de Taree

In 2017 45 Team Members collectively rode 3540 km to raise $22,531.40 for RMHCNNSW.