CEO’s message

Club Taree has grown through the years to become known as the centre of hospitality in the Manning Valley. This is an association of which we are very proud. We work extremely hard each day to ensure that we provide our members, guests and community with the best products possible, delivered of course through our Teams service commitment. In doing so, change becomes a part of our language, and is how we operate. We change products, services, spaces, options and ideas regularly, with reason however, to continuously cement our reputation as an industry leader. Change allows us to share our goals with the community, and allows us to continuously build a wide reaching community asset in Club Taree. Change also allows us to provide our members and guests with the experience possible.

Club Taree offers the best in entertainment, food, beverage, sport and commemoration. We aim to showcase a hospitality venue which is comfortable, atmospheric, purposeful and modern, which is serviced by a friendly, committed and passionate Team.

Club Taree places extreme value on supporting our Community. Each year we make an in-house commitment to going over and above any government implemented Club Grants requirements to ensure that our Community is supported to the best of our ability. 2015 saw us donate close to $200,000 into our local community through sponsorships, donations, scholarships, and in kind donations.

In 2015 we also introduced The Club Taree Community Team. A concept whereby our staff join together and assist the Community in a range of projects, fundraising and support initiatives. This is something that our Team is extremely proud of and in 2015 collectively donated 598 volunteer hours over 15 Community Events. Over and above our Club Grants program, the Club Taree Community Team raised in excess of $40,000 for organisations such as the Cancer Council, Can Assist Manning Valley, and Ronald McDonald House Northern NSW.

The Club Taree Board of Directors and Executive Leadership Team have a vision for the future, our 7 years Strategic Plan lays out a direction with focus, which generates results not only for Club Taree and its members, but also for the Community as a whole.

On a personal level I have only recently joined the Club Taree Team, and have already been made feel most welcome by our members, guests and the community as a whole, for this I thank you. I have followed the progress of Club Taree over recent years and was delighted with my recent appointment as Chief Executive Officer.

My vision for Club Taree is to move forward together progressively, while ensuring our Club continues to provide the best quality products and services possible. I also hold close the ideals of Community, and appreciate the link that Clubs should, but many don’t, have with their wider Communities. In my role as a White Ribbon Ambassador I passionately advocate the positive difference that individuals and Teams such as our can have within the Community.

You will see me around the Club, and on the course, so please take the opportunity to engage with myself or in fact any member of the Team. I trust that you will always enjoy your Club Taree experience.

Morgan Stewart